My characters for The Derelict will be published in the publically available PDF and print version of the adventure and I get credit in the adventure!

Latest Movie

Suicide Squad (Stars: 8 out of 10) - I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I do not understand what all the fus is. It wasn\'t a mess at all. I did find Captain Boomerang useless but other than that, I loved it. I was very entertained. Simple premise, not too complicated plot. Good movie.

Latest Writing

My CoC 7e Characters in The Derelict Adventure - My Characters added to the publically available version of the CoC 7e Free RPG Day Adventure, The Derelict

Latest Event/Thing

ConCarolinas 2016 (Gaming) - My focus was gaming and that is the only place you saw me, for the most part. From a gaming point of view, I had a great time. Played A LOT of games. Cthulhu Wars was awesome! Everything else I tried to ignore.

Coming Soon

  1. Savage Reich Star Notes #? - Setting Rules
  2. 2065: The Empire of Nippon
  3. Savage Reich Star: Megacorporations of 2065
  4. Adventure: The War Years 3 - Alamira'Tuz Rising