Something big may be coming! Is 4 years enough time to heal? Should I forgive?

Latest Movie

Hercules (2014) (Stars: 8 out of 10) - Otherwise known as Rock-ules! I actually really enjoyed this take on the legend. Making the mythical connection ambiguous really made it seem more realistic and gritty.

Latest Writing

New Short Stories "What Have I done?" & "What Has He Done?" - Wrote two stories both submitted to a local contest (first one was submitted in error and so I wrote the second one). Loosely based on my story, The Cure, they are sort of a re-telling of the store from different perspectives.

Latest Thing

RonCon Fall 2015 - Another great RonCon in the books. Ran A Savage World conversion of Fright NIght: GHOST SHIP with a few little personal twists. That was awesome! Then played Space Movers ... loved it!!