So the "Something Big" finally came out - I am returning to ConCarolinas. I do have mixed feelings but they are paying me, so I should embrace it. I forgive but never forget!

Latest Movie

Captain America: Civil War (Stars: 8 out of 10) - Epic movie up until the end, when it boiled down to some personal revenge. The story ended on a overused trope, in my opinion. I was very disappointed in the end result but up until that point, it was a great movie.

Latest Writing

Protodimension Mercurial - One Page contest for Protodimension Magazine, just threw together an idea that popped into my head. Found at in Issue #25 February 2016 (Issue 07-02)

Latest Thing

MACE West 2016 - Had a blast. Ran 3 games with 4 or more players. That has never happened before but maybe because I am running more Savage Worlds. Ran Call of Cthulhu 7e (Restoration of Evil), and two of my own adventures in Savage Worlds. One is for Battle for Oz - the second draft of The Emerald Knight. And then the second was another version of my Vermin of Sarin Prime in THe Last Parsec setting.