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4 years of almost nothing should say something…

In the case of ConGregate, I am either a big failure or circumstances surrounding the convention are not conducive to a success gaming track.  Three of those four years, I gave it everything I could give. It was like squeezing

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ConCarolinas 2017: Necropolis

Another one of the canned adventures by Chaosium for the summer convention season, Necropolis is a short introductions adventure with a simple premise and straightforward purpose.  It is meant to help the players get used to the new aspect of 7th

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ConCarolinas 2017: The Dreaming Ward

Chaosium released a few free adventures for the summer con season and I decided to run some of those.  Key word is that these are free.  You get what you pay for.  Although they are complete adventures thankfully all with

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The sweet satisfaction

That Con is over once again and I have to say it was a very satisfying weekend.  It was satisfying in many ways.  Gaming did well, despite having less space. I got to spend time with old friends and new.

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2 days out and blah…

About this time 5 to 10 years ago, I was excited and crazy busy with convention stuff. I did not even have time for real work, I am ashamed to say. My career took a back seat to my hobbies. I was charged up, dealing with the stress of other people’s mistakes and lack of effort, while at the same time making my own mistakes. Why? All for the hope that one convention would have a great weekend and a majority of people would walk away with a fulfilling weekend. That mattered to me so much!

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Returning to ConCarolinas & My Fandom

This coming June will mark my second return to That Con – ConCarolinas.  It took a lot for me to return last year.  I did not display a complete air of forgiveness and kindness that I should have the last

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Alien Vs. Predator, The Hunt Begins, MACE West 2017

These are pictures of my playtest but I did play it at MACE West 2017 with 2 other players.  I want to like this game so much but I think it has its flaws.  Either that, or we are playing

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Star Trek Ascendancy, MACE West 2017

This is a great game!  It really has a Star Trek feel.  I plan to do a review of this but I really look forward to playing this more and more, especially with expansions.  The 3 player game is great

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Scythe, MACE West 2017

I plan to write a review of this game soon.  It has be torn.  It has a strong Euro feel but just enough player interaction and combat that it keeps my attention.  This was by far one of the best

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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber, MACE West 2017

I was very nervous going into this session because I made the mistake of talking it up.  I was really excited about it because it combined so many elements that I enjoy. I was lucky to get a great group

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