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Call it what it is!

I have held back on commenting about this whole HB2 flap since it started a year ago.  While I am not fir catering to the small percentage of people afflicted with Gender dysphoria, I am also not for restricting people’s abilities

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Lack of rants these days: Trump, Election 2016 and the rest

This website I have had very little to say during the election cycle and post election.  I thought to myself, why is that?  I think Facebook as well as the general climate has shown me the other side of 2008

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2016: Year in Review

2016 was a year of change for me and my family. It was also a difficult year on many levels. Needless to say, I am glad it is over and we can move on to a better year, hopefully.

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The Duality of our society

I have come to realize something many probably have known and probably analyzed deeper than I can imagine. Much smarter people have probably dug deep into the group psyche of the American Society and figured out the whys and what-fors.

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Realizations after the Orlando Shooting

First and foremost, what happened in Orlando was horrible.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected directly and Orlando as a whole.  I also pray for this country for healing.  This attack has not united us like 9-11

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Entitled millennials?

I feel like I just got over the generation differences between my parents (the rural southern 50s) and mine (1980s Gen-X) and now we have this new phenomena called Millennials.  My step-son is one.  I work with another.  I don’t

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Religion, Morality and the lack of both!

The 2016 elections has been very telling to me and I feel like I need to rant about it.  This is my opinion and nothing more, based on observations I have seen in the electorate and the direction I have

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2015: Year in Review

What a year!  This has to be one of the most incredible and fulfilling years I have ever had.  It included a lot of travel, a lot of fun and a lot of family time.  I continued my adventures with

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RIP Chris Jarrett – I am tired of losing friends

Here I sit on New Years Eve night and I am dealing with another friend’s death.  Chris Jarrett was part of that core group of games that I ran games with for 20+ years.  He played a tone of characters

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Prayer can’t fix this?

Mass shootings is the new thing, apparently – although many forget that “going postal” was a thing in the ’70s and ’80s because of mass shootings taking place in post offices.  Regardless of our own short memories, the most recent

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