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Call it what it is!

I have held back on commenting about this whole HB2 flap since it started a year ago.  While I am not fir catering to the small percentage of people afflicted with Gender dysphoria, I am also not for restricting people’s abilities

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Realizations after the Orlando Shooting

First and foremost, what happened in Orlando was horrible.  My heart and prayers go out to those affected directly and Orlando as a whole.  I also pray for this country for healing.  This attack has not united us like 9-11

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Entitled millennials?

I feel like I just got over the generation differences between my parents (the rural southern 50s) and mine (1980s Gen-X) and now we have this new phenomena called Millennials.  My step-son is one.  I work with another.  I don’t

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Prayer can’t fix this?

Mass shootings is the new thing, apparently – although many forget that “going postal” was a thing in the ’70s and ’80s because of mass shootings taking place in post offices.  Regardless of our own short memories, the most recent

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SCOTUS strikes again!

I get back from a week long relaxing cruise to find my country falling further into the pit of valuelessness and socialism, simply because 9 people have an agenda to push.  Or they have a twisted version of what our

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My Heart breaks for Charleston

Yet again, we have another nutcase that goes into a place we thought would be a safe haven and murders a bunch of people. His motivations this time are known, though, and he makes no bones about it. He hates.

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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Life to a Liberal: Life is not fair! There should be no consequences of bad behavior! We should live the way we want to! Life to an actual conservative: You have the right to be stupid!  You have the right

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What’s going to happen?

A new political movement is starting to swirl through our the nation. They are being called the liberal version of the Tea Party, protesting corporate greed, the Supreme Court decision to make money part of free speech (in their words

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Leftists and their Arrogance

The absolute arrogance of the left astounds me. Today, N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue suggested suspending Congressional elections for two years so that Congress can focus on economic recovery and not the next election. (here) On top of that, Peter Orszag,

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Negotiations, Compromise & The Tea Party

I will admit that I tend to get blinded by the party jersey occasionally because I truly hate the philosophies of the other jersey so much. But I have tried in recent years to keep things open while at the

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