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Lack of rants these days: Trump, Election 2016 and the rest

This website I have had very little to say during the election cycle and post election.  I thought to myself, why is that?  I think Facebook as well as the general climate has shown me the other side of 2008

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The Duality of our society

I have come to realize something many probably have known and probably analyzed deeper than I can imagine. Much smarter people have probably dug deep into the group psyche of the American Society and figured out the whys and what-fors.

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Religion, Morality and the lack of both!

The 2016 elections has been very telling to me and I feel like I need to rant about it.  This is my opinion and nothing more, based on observations I have seen in the electorate and the direction I have

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Hollywood has no new ideas

I had a strange series of events happen the other day.  For my series on The Gamer’s Codex, called B-Movie Inspirations, I have to find and watch really bad B-movies and find inspiration for RPGs plot in them.  I do

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I will tolerate you… A lesson on Tolerance

I recently got into a discussion about tolerance, stemming from a meme I posted that started the following… Being constantly offended doesn’t mean you are right.  It just means you are too narcissistic to tolerate opinions different from yours. And

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Judge each by their character

I had a conversation the other night with a family member that stemmed from the gay marriage discussion.  The conversation progressed to a general conversation about gay friends and how we judge people. First off,  my wife and I are

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Movie Rant: The Lego Movie (2014)

My son got the Lego Movie after begging for it ever since it was in the theaters. He has watched it more time than I can count in the 2 weeks he has had it now. Just from the trailer,

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Movie Rant: The Muppets (2011)

My wife complains that I find way to many messages in movies every time we watch them. And some make headlines, like the Frozen movie, and movies like that. Unfortunately, many simply role their eyes and continue to watch because

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People Disappoint

A moment of introspection has lead me to really analyze myself and the people around me. A little background – in the past couple of years, 2 people who I thought were good and reliable friends have disappointed me greatly.  Through my

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A Nation of Wimps?

A few of things have occurred in the past 24 hours that have me thinking … are we raising a nation to be a bunch of wimps. The first thing that happened was something fairly stupid, cheesy and definitely not

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