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Adventure: Return to Starmist, Part 2

This adventure was in part inspired by the John Wayne movie The Fighting Seabees.  I wanted to place the players in a situation similar to the one in the movie, where they are forced to use whatever is at their disposal

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Adventure: Return to Starmist, Part 1

Blue Plague:   I did not pay much attention to the Blue Plague mentioned in the Zebulon timeline, but that can play into this adventure however the GM sees fit.  Slaves of the Shri’ik Part 1.1 Maximillian Malligigg’s Legacy   System:

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Adventure Modifications: Sundown on Starmist

I was never satisfied with the published adventures when I started reading them.  Although they were pretty good as they were, I wanted more.  So one of the many adventures I wanted to run but changed was Sundown on Starmist.  I

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Adventure: The Hunt & Resurrection

BASICS PCs are sent as general labor/security on an orbital survey mission to a remote planet in the Vextross system, called Vex III.  It is a prospect for mining and colonization.  They will orbit the planet, drop survey satellites and

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NPC: Alex Korosh Alamane

Alamane was a cool bad guy that I used to motivate the characters for several linked adventures.  This describes the evolution of Alamane through the various adventures. Alamane was born during the peak of the Terran Empire [Terran Expanse] on

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New Content: Polomegan Campaign

My Second Star Frontiers campaign inspired by Battletech, the future Earth in Terminator, some concepts from the movie Alien Nation

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Polomegan Campaign

After buying the box set for Battletech, I wanted to integrate that somehow with an idea I was forming for Star Frontiers (see Battletech Conversion to SF).  Stealing the concepts from movies like Alien Nation and Terminator, I created Polomegan, a

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Adv. Star Frontiers: Advanced Robotics Rules

This is an unfinished set of advanced robotics rules I started writing late in my journey with Star Frontiers.  I never really got finished with them but there may be some value in them.  These were written with Zebulons Guide

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Adv. Star Frontiers: Transhumanism

At one point, I was thinking of expanding beyond the “Pure Strain Human” of Star Frontiers and develop transhuman rules.  For instance, it is said that the human today (21st Century) uses only 10% of their brain.  What if in

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Background: The Formation

This is something I wrote in trying to integrate the Frontier into the [Sovereignty] setting.  This does not really jive to the new timeline where I replaced the Terran Empire with my own Terran Expanse, however.  When I had to

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