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Titans Grave: Airship Forever Night’s Return

This is an airship that I built for my Titansgrave game, on a side adventure I sent the players.  A cult that longed to return to the Endless Night built it out the the wreckage of a Chaos era attack aircraft/shuttle.  Living in the wreck was simple-minded Orc, Uga.  He was found living in the nose gun of the wreck, pretending to fight the battles of yore.  They could not pry him from his position and did not have the heart to kill him.  Instead, they restored the nose gun to its glory while building the airship around it, and now Uga’s home is a devastating weapons as well.  When the airship is deployed, crew can hear the Orc asking “Uga Boom Now!” as Uga waits in anticipation to fire his guns.

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Session 18.0: Fort Skull Fire

DATE: 2017.08.11 Buying Raz time to track down the location of the last surviving fort of the Shield of the Gods, the party prepared for the return of the Cult of the Long Night.  The outpost they currently resided in

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Session 16.5 Horde from Tanbrel

Hoard #1 Magic Items Portable Hole (20000 gp) Psionic Items Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (+1 shield, Ranged) (Exhausting curse) (4170 gp) Power Stone (Share Pain (150 gp)) (total 150 gp) Chaositech Items Brain Serum (1000 gp) Salvage 26 x Artisan’s

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Session 17.0: The Sky is Falling

DATE: 2017.06.23 New Party member Vigo was sent by the Baron on a two-fold mission.  The first is to make contact with the party and make sure they were alright.  The Baron was concerned.  The second was help Vigo find

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Fort Skull Fire

Fort Skull Fire was one of 7 weapons stations built by a Saurian Regime of Sculedrus “The Skull” Kane, called the God Shield.  Lord Kane was notoriously paranoid of the gods and their wrath, and used his people’s mastery of technology to build 7 massive defense cannon.  Some would say he was a visionary, foreseeing the future cataclysm.  No one knows for sure if he did or not, but he feared something.

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Terrain Craft: Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Arena

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Session 15.0: A Few Drops of Water

DATE: 05/12/2017 After returning to the Rusthold keep, the party examine the Orb once again after it has now consumed 2 other similar orbs.  Glowing purple now, the one called Max peered deeply into it, hoping to find some direction to

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Session 14.0: Into the Worm’s Gullet

SESSION DATE: 5/5/2017 Side Adventure based on the one page adventure Into the Worm’s Gullet. As part of a deal with Davani the Junkmaster, self proclaimed Rust Queen of the Wastes, the party ventures into the Wastes and close to the

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The Duraski – The Mutant Dwarves of Worm Maw Caves

(Inspired by the one page adventure Into the Worm’s Gullet) The mutant dwarves of Warm Maw Caves – calling themselves the Duraski – are rarely seen and few know about them.  There are only a few left alive today as

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Denizens of the Rust Wastes

I need a few creatures that are common to the Rust Wastes, so I decided to expand on the region and create creatures somewhat inspired by stuff that is already out there. South of the Divide, the Rust Wastes is

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