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Elwyn Voss

CEO of the Voss Group of Nestora.  Mysterious elf of unknown age, he has a army of androids that serve him. Elwyn Voss is, in truth, 1200 years old. This is long lived even for an elf and it is only

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Highbreed: The Hunters

Of course, this was based on one of the most memorable pieces done Larry E., the cover for Gammer World (can’t remember what edition).  I found it in an old Dragon magazine I had and cut it out (before the

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The Wraith

Early in the Traveller’s history, they experimented with many dimensional devices and dimensional travel.  On one particular trip, using a specific experimental device not dissimilar to the devices used to open Thirdspace, they found a way into what could only

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NPC: Girrillian Vorask, Mercenary Kingpin

One of my most remembered bad guys, he developed out of a single adventure and grew into someone my players talked about for years.  The funny thing is that I never stat’ed him out.  I never really found the need.

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Army of the Faceless Man

Orc, Goblin, and Ogre army

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Stram Thoronard

Rodian Bounty Hunter

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Ishi Tib Assassin

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Zel Soldak

Human Cult Leader

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Veild-Danol and the Danol Trade Syndicate

Trade Syndicate

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Tiranga the Hutt

Hutt outcast

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