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Legacy of the Führer 2: Ice Station Schatzgräber

Playtested with nearly complete terrain projects for both nuked NYC encounter and the Ice Station encounter.  I think I hyped up the fear factor too early so by the time they got to the final battle, they were already done and ready to GFTO!

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Savage Reich Star Technology Update 5: Bio-tech Skill Boosts

Skill Boosts are a less permanent bio-technological equivalent of Skill Chip cybernetics.  Memories and thoughts are simply chemicals and electrical impulses in the brain.  Certain combinations of bio-chemicals developed by Reich scientists can recreate these same effects at least for

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Savage Reich Star: Division 8

This was inspired by various things but primarily the mood organs in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick.  

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Terrain Project: Ice Station Schatzgräber Launch Bay

Based on this picture from an adventure I found online (RPGNow, The Modern Dispatch 129 – The Ice Palace) .  I photoshopped this to fit my adventure a little.

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Sedition Wars minis

I am working on some minis that I got for free at MACE 2016.  It’s a board/mini combat game called Seditions Wars: Battle For Alabaster.  Apparently it did not do well and the rules are not good.  I don’t care

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Savage Reich Star Notes #10: Setting Rules

Under constructions Races Humans only, as they are the predominant race.  No Aliens (yet).  See Characters for the variety of humans or transhumans characters can play. Nationality would still have an effect the mid 21st century.  It comes down to favored

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