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Terrain Project: Ice Station Schatzgräber Launch Bay

Based on this picture from an adventure I found online (RPGNow, The Modern Dispatch 129 – The Ice Palace) .  I photoshopped this to fit my adventure a little.

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Au Naturale Terrain Crafting

Trees inspired by DMG’s “practical RPG trees” – How to make Trees for wargaming and tabletop roleplaying game terrain DMG#124 . Plants, Shrubbery and stuff I did myself, based on various inspirations I have seen – in particular DM Scotty, and Black Magic Craft. Stones were sort of a test to see if I could make decent rocks out of packing material.

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Terrain Craft: Post-Apocalyptic Industrial Arena

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Savage Reich Star: Ruined New York City Craft

Decided to try my hand at modern-ish building ruins appropriate for a nuked NYC, like in Reich Star.  

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Titansgrave Adventure: Fire in the Sky

An Idea I came up with inspired by a craft of an ancient fortress I am building. Best comment about this terrain craft: Crickey! It looks like Skeletor took control of Cobra! BASICS Elements The Church of the Long Night:

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Savage Reich Star Terrain Project

After running the play test, I decided to craft the location of the final battle.  I also crafted some bad guys from Star Wars figs (repainted Rebels) and one of the characters had a face covering so I found am

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